Talent Fest 2019

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A two-day long fest was organized on 28th and 29th June 2019 to provide the children opportunities to exhibit and hone their artistry and co-curricular skills. The Fiesta witnessed an array of events like Speech, Dance, Card Making, Fireless Cooking, Rubiks etc. Various experts both internal and external judged the competitions, shared tips and pointers with the students and provided them with a wonderful experience. The sole aim of this celebration was to tap the young talent and nurture the dormant seeds of their talent to bring out their best.

The journey of exhibiting the remarkable aptitude and competence started with the impromptu speech and elocution competition on 26th June 2019. Fluency, voice modulation and expressivity at its peak………when passionate, well prepared and confident speakers marched off to the venue to exhibit their eloquence verbal skills.  ‘Where words fail…..Music speaks….’ The children performed with great élan and confidence and wooed judges with their actions and expressions. Vibrant and exotic dancers filled the air with excitement and vigour with their energetic performance. Our young vivacious dancers set the floor on fire.

Hundreds of kids transformed the school rooms to a colourful world with their decorated cards where the other were almost busy chiming the jingles with their melodious singing and gestures. Stories of fairies, dragons, princess and wishing trees echoed all over the campus when our kids gave wings to their imagination through story telling.

On the other side, our little chefs were busy proving cooking can happen even without the fire. One could observe the judges easily getting a watery mouth during the evaluation. Yes, our kids really amazed us preparing yummy lip-smacking items like Pani Puri, sandwiches, biscuit treat, a blue lagoon mocktails etc.

The designs and colour combination used to create an ambience using flowers, foliage and other floral accessories through Flower Arrangement Competition turned out to be a feast for the eyes and brought out the happy and positive emotions in everybody’s mind. The intricate and vivid arrangements of flowers dazzled the viewers and the judges.

Sudoku & Rubiks Winners puzzled the spectators and the observers when they solved the most confusing puzzled puzzles. One couldn’t really expect such a wonderful performance though it was conducted the first time in the school. Our students were excited to have a firsthand experience of carving fruits & vegetables. The observers couldn’t believe their eyes when they found peacock and crocodile emerging and evolving from the melon, the cherries, and berries & other vegetables.

The hangings, cut-outs and other decoration gave a decent ambience to the school environment. The efforts of teachers, supporting the hands of the management, tireless preparation of children by the parents and outstanding performance of our little ones made the whole fiesta a grand and splendid event and created another page in the history of St. Norbert School.