Principal’s Message


Joseph Addison, the famous 18th Century English poet and essayist, marvels aesthetically at the power of education when he says,what sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul”. Every student is special with unique potentials, and only a skilled ‘artist’ can bring the beautiful sculpture out – education portrays and actualizes those potentials that otherwise might go unobserved.

The challenge to be the best has always accompanied education and sadly anything less than the best is seldom accepted. However, the usage ‘to be the best’ is often misunderstood, at least by a few, to be the best in academics alone, scoring the best grades and excelling in all competitive exams. A revisit to this concept would tell us that to be the best in talents, attitudes, personal relations, good habits and being the best human being is equally important as the academic excellence. We, therefore, at St. Norbert make a collaborative effort to make this epitome a reality.

An effective schooling is a three way dynamic with the students, their family and the school working together. The role of a teacher is so vital in the education and formation of students. The words of a teacher are last words for a majority of them. The role of a parent is as significant as that of a teacher. When parents are caught up with their busy schedule and work, it is the child who misses out on the precious moments that he could spend with his dad and mom. The assistance of the parents in studies undoubtedly entrenches the child’s acquisition of knowledge gained in the school and ‘times of fun’ with the whole family develops a sense of belongingness towards his parents and family at large. It is exceedingly important how a teacher or parent motivates or presents oneself to a child. An appropriate and constructive role model boosts the spirit of the children to do their best and help rightly develop their character.

St. Norbert School is committed to ensuring the students meet their full potential. We try to identify the fields a student is gravitated towards at a very early stage itself. A well scheduled learning strategy and hard work of the student as well plays a major role in an effective schooling. My competent team of teachers commits fully to take care of the individualistic needs of each student, monitor their conduct and habits, encourage and support the talents, and help them blossom fully into good-hearted human beings.

Dear parents, your support and co-operation are indispensable. Your partnership with us will be greatly appreciated as your child journeys through our school.

And to you dear young 'Norbians' – the blooming buds of St. Norbert School – Your world is so vast; the horizon of your reach has no margin. Keep focus, work hard and trust in God; you are sure to make a difference in this world.