Principal’s Message



Challenges we face as online classes gather momentum at our school

Dear Parent /Guardian,

Greetings from St. Norbert School!!!

When Schools were closed at the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in the nation, not many of us thought of the changes that would creep into our school education system. Earlier, we often instructed children to keep the electronic gadgets such as smartphones or tabs away but the current situation has compelled us to instruct the same children to sit in front of the electronic devices for longer hours. This shift from classrooms to e-learning or digital classrooms in the educational system is a big challenge.

Until this dreaded pandemic virus gets controlled, it is the digital learning that will bridge the gap between teachers and learners. Thus, our school has also endorsed online learning so that the learning process continues to take place. However, we cannot sidestep the challenges that appear when we resume to online class platforms:-

For students, the situation causes a lot of worries and they feel stressed to some degree as they are introduced to the new way of learning and that they are learning remotely. Some students find it hard to grasp easily what the teachers have recorded or taught online, because the classroom is virtual. Also, some students do not have access to the best internet connection or a quiet space at home to attend a class is also a challenge. We understand it.

For the parents, especially for working parents, to be teachers at home and to spend a lot of time with your kids is perplexing. It is not an easy task to keep your kids engaged and motivated always at home.  We cannot deny that fact.

For the teachers, the move from a regular classroom in the school to a virtual classroom in their home is a challenging period. Moreover, they are forced to navigate through new software or new learning tools to conduct online classes.  The challenge becomes even bigger. However, our talented and ever-willing to work staff, both teaching and non-teaching, have been showing their care and concern for the school and students, working from home preparing online lessons, worksheets and class notes. If a child has to sit and attend classes or watch recorded videos, the effort behind by the teachers is boundless and endless.

Let us all work together to face these challenges.

Dear parents, if you have any enquires, doubts or suggestions, kindly email to the Principal ( We will immediately care for your concerns.

Fr. Paul Vallatt O. Praem M.A., M.Ed.
St. Norbert School