Administrator's Message

"St. Norbert School administration firmly believes that there is a direct relationship between school infrastructure and educational performance of the learners."

Fr. Jose Anthanatt

The location of any educational institution has an enormous significance in the lives of the students. Moreover, I am very much excited to say that our sprawling campus is lush green and welcoming. The process of teaching and learning in St. Norbert School unfolds with the tweeting of birds with a visual treat of flapping butterflies and screaming of peacocks. .Having located in such a calm and visually appealing landscape, the school promises a noise and pollution free environment for learning.

               The spacious building and its best architectural features provides a conducive atmosphere for both the teachers and the students.

          Trained and qualified faculty of teachers and other experts of our school has never let any stone unturned. Our well-equipped ventilated classrooms always stand as the backbone of our edifice. Adequate supply of power, furniture, restrooms, assembly area, workshop area and all other provided amenities would unquestionably benefit and profit learners.

          Well-resourced and furnished science laboratories offer the aspirants an advanced place to practice that are taught to them academically.

        Our library plays an important part in the learning process of the school, as it is a counterpart of the schools infrastructure. It’s quiet and calm ambience make the place an abode of knowledge.

           A good playground was always a dream for our children. The big dream is fulfilled along with the inauguration and opening of Norby Sports and Games Arena in the month of February.The arena is eagerly waiting ready for the footprints of our young Olympians.

           We believe our school, being the second home, serve a number of purposes in a child’s life. We are always in a run to ensure the physical comfort and security of children who are away from their parents.

            St. Norbert School that had been planted years ago as a sapling has grown to a big tree today .A tree that would keep blooming in every season and climatic condition. A tree that would live for unpredictable ages.

             We are so happy for all those who are consistently part of our team. We are so grateful and obliged to our patron St. Norbert, our founder, cooperative staff, loving parents, children and our supportive benefactors and well-wishers.