Music at SNS

St. Norbert School recognizes the importance of music education at school level, hence we stress on a well balanced and paced curriculum for western music. Presently, we offer training in Drums, Guitar and Keyboard.

The classes are scheduled in a way that each student receives a minimum of 1hr 20mins of music instruction per week for higher grades and a total of 2 hrs per student for lower grades.

All students are encouraged to utilize the vocal training sessions included in their music sessions regardless of the instrument he/she may choose.

Students who are enthusiastic and dedicated in practice and performance in vocal and/or instruments will be selected for the School Choir and School Band.

The students in the choir and band benefit immensely as they train and practice their skills with professional guidance and accumulate precious performance experience.

The School Choir leads prayer songs, anthems and other special songs accompanied by the school band for daily assemblies and other celebrations or occasions in school.

Semester 1: Focus will be on introducing written music / music notations and learning and practicing the school prayer songs from the diary.

Semester 2: Focus will be on practical application and learning new songs for events and occasions. A brief introduction into theory will also be given according to student capacity and progress.