Dear Parents, Teachers & Students,

      As the new Principal of St. Norbert School, first of all, I would like to place on record my ineffable delight and appreciation for the privilege to lead a potentially great school. Without much ado, at the very outset of this brief message, I wish to make a fervent appeal to all the parents and teachers for your unconditional support and cooperation to help our children achieve their dearly-held goals.

      As most of you may be aware, St. Norbert School, Bangalore has had an enviable academic journey ever since its inception in 2014. Founded upon the ennobling values of Christianity and taking cognizance of the demands of a formidably competitive world, St. Norbert School has been able to leave an indisputably enduring imprint upon the young learners who have been tendered diligently. What lures the students and their parents to choose St. Norbert as their first choice of learning is the high-quality teaching imparted to the learners, bolstered by cutting-edge infrastructures. The school leaves no stone unturned to provide a holistic, comprehensive education to young minds. The intellectual, spiritual and physical needs of the learners are consistently under the vigilant scrutiny of the school management and the indefatigably devoted teachers.

      Nestled in the lap of a lush green landscape, St. Norbert is exceptionally blessed by Nature to provide its students with the most stimulating learning environment that augments their academic performance to achieve the best outcome.

      I wish the students, their parents and the teachers a vibrant academic experience at St. Norbert School—an experience that would be an impenetrable armor on the battlefield of life.

Dr. T J  Joseph – Principal