Motto - Intelligence, Integrity and Service

       We believe education generates life and opens the door to a quality of life. Education is the seedbed for meaningful blending of intelligence, integrity and service. The three are developed together only in an atmosphere of learning which encourages the intellectual virtues: intellectual humility, intellectual courage, intellectual empathy, intellectual good faith or integrity, intellectual perseverance, intellectual fair-mindedness and reason. These qualities then equip a person for meaningful service rendered to God and humanity.

Our Mission

     Our mission is to make this school a catalyst for an individual’s change and growth by creating conducive and innovative learning environment, characterized by intellectual stimulation, safety, care and cutting-edge infrastructures. We aim to mould students to cultivate their minds to soar to great heights of insight, and a strong sense of ethics so that they can launch themselves into the world with confidence to achieve their goals. We help students to fully develop and demonstrate their God-given abilities and talents and encourage them to appreciate each other as being valuable individuals.

Our Vision

       St. Norbert School, as a learning community, accepts students from all communities to help them seek their life’s mission, and support them to be creative and useful citizens who can transform society with compassion and love.