Raise awareness

The school Charity Club helps raise awareness amongst students about the situation of people and their well being. It helps them serve society and the less fortunate. It develops in them a heart for the poor and needy.

Be a part of something bigger

Donating a little money or time may not seem like much. But if your donation is joined with others, it becomes much bigger. Hence even our small donation really does make a big difference.

Set an example

As a school, donating to charity will show the students to care about the less fortunate in their own little way. In turn the students set an example to society.

Sharing the love and happiness

Perhaps the greatest charity is when we just simply learn to share the love, happiness and kindness with one another. Although the students are sharing they are still benefiting by an act of charity by seeing good changes in themselves and their manners, by finding peace, by watching a smile form on the lips of another person.